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parents pic How can we help you help your child?

Helping your son or daughter prepare for the world of work can be tough. You may feel out of touch with what employers are looking for. Your son or daughter may think they have years before having to think about looking for a job. Or you may feel that what is meant to be well-intended encouragement on your behalf, is starting to sound to them like constant nagging.

Let us take some of the strain.

If your child is still in full time education:

– point them in our direction to the Students page

– suggest they sign up to our newsletter. It is full of  practical advice and encouragement to get students starting to think about the world of work and their future employability skills.

– get them to download our WorkReady checklist

One to One Coaching 

If your son or daughter is already looking for their first job you may also consider getting them some 1-2-1 coaching with us. We conduct personal coaching sessions either face to face or via telephone, depending on your location.

Unlike ‘nagging’, coaching is aimed at encouraging the young person to discover for him/herself what they need to do to find the right job, get through the application and interview process and then make a great impression once they have started work.

We work with young adults on a one to one basis to set defined goals, make a proper plan to achieve those goals and then carry out those plans. If there are skills gaps along the way, we can usually help: if we cannot help ourselves, we  will know someone who can.

If you would like further information on our 1-2-1 coaching service, contact us at

How can you help?

In our experience, one of the most common mistakes parents make is doing too much. Of course you want to help them get off to a good start but employers want to see that new recruits are independent, resourceful and self-reliant. So you may want to read this to find out what you can really do to help your child fly the nest successfully.