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There is a wealth of information and inspiration to help you get ready for the world of work and we want to share our favourites with you. Just click on the areas below and start building your employability skills now


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Employ Skills:resource


Employability Skills: here you will find everything from what employers are looking for, how to make yourself more employable, timetable for building your Work Experience… and lots more.



BookstoreThe Bookstore: there’s nothing like a good book for inspiration .. or a helping hand. Here are our recommended reads… everything from some great business classics,  “how to’s” to help build or brush up on your skills to the latest thinking from business and skills’ experts. If you have any great reads you want to share, we would love to hear from you.



job appsApplying for Jobs: we will take you through everything you need to know from where and how to look for jobs, how to write a killer CV and covering letter, what the application process may consist of and how to prepare yourself, how to do well at interviews and how to follow up after the interview.

It is never too early to start thinking about getting a job: we have information and advice on work experience programmes for students in years 10-13 at school as well as a timetable for action for University students, starting in their first year.


workplace 2The Workplace: we have tips and advice on how to behave in the workplace, how to approach meetings, what to wear .. and lots more.




video channelThe Video Channel: watch and learn! There are so many people who can inspire, inform or simply entertain you when it comes to preparing you for the workplace. This is our handpicked selection of great ideas, inspiring people and other stuff you cannot afford to miss. We are always updating the playlists so keep coming back.



great sitesGreat Sites: we don’t have a monopoly on advice and support and we are keen to share with you those sites we think are useful or just plain interesting. There are sites to help you practise those tricky aptitude tests, sites to help you determine your personality type,  those that can help you find work placements …. if we think it can help, we will tell you about it! And. of course, if you think we have missed something we would love to hear from you!


inspiration eagleInspiration: Sometimes you just need to take a fresh look at stuff! We have some great ideas to help you think about what you want to do, hone your skills – or just reinvigorate your enthusiasm for getting ready for work!