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Providing your students with a competitive advantage

The Work Ladder works with schools to give their students a head start in preparing for the world of work.

We believe that developing employability skills is not just about introducing students to the world of work but also getting them to understand what employers value – and why.

 Commercially aware and business savvy future recruits

We focus on cultivating an understanding and on-going interest in how the business world works in practice. We encourage students to try ‘working and earning’ from an early age so that they gain first hand experience of creating value, thinking about customers, managing money – all the practical business things that employers value highly but feel that many students lack when entering the world of work.

We give students the necessary direction and tools early on, so that they have both the time and motivation to build the relevant skills and work experience that go into making an outstanding CV.


Business Skills from Business People

As successful business people ourselves, we can offer your students knowledge and experience from the front line of the commercial world. Having also recruited many college leavers and graduates, we know what employers are looking for. And we have seen how good students can let themselves down by not demonstrating  the right skills and experience to prospective employers. That’s why we focus on developing practical business skills and motivating young people to start thinking about the world of work early on.

Head Start Workshops

We can run short courses, activity days or seminars to supplement your in-house curriculum and we have a number of bespoke workshops aimed at students from Year 10 to final year University students.

Workshops can be tailored to the specific requirements of an individual school, college or university but they all have a common format – they are engaging, interactive and action-oriented.

Here are examples of some of the courses we offer:

The Skills for Success workshop covers:

– what’s involved in getting a job

– the graduate recruitment process

– the timetable for internships and graduate schemes

– what employers mean by work-ready skills

– individual assessment and gap analysis

– getting the most out of work experience

– plus basic interviewing skills and CV writing

Throughout the workshop students are involved in practical exercises, self assessment and group work. At the end of the workshop students produce a Personal Development Plan to follow over the next few years and whilst at University.



A Day in the Life of Work is a workshop designed to ensure that students understand what is expected of them in the work environment, as well as what they should expect from working life. It includes:

– office practices

– personal presentation

– how to manage your personal profile/brand

– networking

– business/social/tech-etiquette

– meetings/telephone skills

– client handling

– business communication and writing

It is highly interactive with lots of role-play and practical exercises. At the end of the workshop students will produce a Personal Networking Plan and a Personal Brand Charter- essential items in a world where social media plays such a large part.

The Business Instincts workshop is designed to start building students knowledge of, and enthusiasm for, commercial matters. According to the CBI, commercial awareness is one of the most important areas for new recruits but one where most students under perform. Increasingly, students should expect to be tested in this area when attending assessment days and interviews, and they need to start building their knowledge early.

This workshop covers what is meant by commercial awareness and why it is important:

– an introduction to business basics

– practical use of some key business planning tools

– case study analysis

– the development of a marketing plan

Students take part in practical exercises and use role-play to immerse themselves in the world of business. At the end of the workshop they will have gained a good grounding in commercial awareness, as well as having produced a plan with targets and actions for developing further skills and experience in the future.

If you would like to find out how we can help you better prepare your students for the world of work, contact us at

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