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Why Think About Employability Skills Now?

‘Why now?’ we hear you groan. We know you would rather be partying – but listen up.

You may be at school still or you may be at University by now. You may know exactly what you want to do as a career – or you may have no idea at all. It doesn’t matter where you are in the process or what you want to be, there is plenty you can do to get yourself work-ready. There are skills and experience that every employer wants to see in a new recruit and the longer you put off doing anything, the harder you’ll find it to get a job!

Employability skills, or work-readiness skills, are what makes you stand out in the job market. And if you want to set up your own business, you will need these skills too.

Don’t be daunted by the long list of skills and attributes that employers say that they are looking for. Some of these skills you will start to acquire through your studies and extra curricular activities, and some of them you can set out to develop in other ways.

Why you need to start job hunting early

Each year more students are competing for those to-die-for jobs. And each year employers are trying to pick the star candidates earlier by offering more work placements, pre-internships and internships. If you want a top job you need to get work experience under your belt as soon as possible. Would -be bankers, lawyers and journalists need to start earlier than everyone else but that doesn’t mean the rest of you can  relax. You need to have a plan and, ideally, that plan will kick-off whilst you are still at school and ramp up when you go to University.

How Can We Help You?

Here at The Work Ladder we will give you advice and tips on what main employability skills and experience you need to develop and how best to get them. We will also show you how to present your employability skills and experience in the best possible light to prospective employers. Plus we have lots of information and guidance that will help you choose a career, stand out in the recruitment process and then get ahead in your first job.

And if choosing a career seems a long way off, don’t forget that all the skills we talk about here at The Work Ladder will be invaluable in landing that great vacation job or part time work. Use your time wisely and start now.

What You Need To Do Now

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Ready to fly the nest?

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